Investigators of Spooky House Get Raped by Demons

In the late 90s me and my sister were consumed by horror movies. One absolute winner is a supernatural type movie which I stumbled into half asleep and still don’t know what its called. The part I caught begins with people walking into an old house…paranormal investigators of some kind, and with them is a medium/psychic. At one point they are unpacking and the medium is checking out the rooms. She is like panicked by what she sees and starts describing a scene where a young boy, two years old, has “energy which is more mature/ sophisticated than that of a child” ….an older sister enters the room and he attacks her>> the psychic becomes more and more unnerved and she starts shouting, “he’s raping her!” Later on two of them are hooking up and the woman turns into a demon, or becomes possessed. That’s where I checked out. I would love to investigate it again.

1 thought on “Investigators of Spooky House Get Raped by Demons

  1. When you mention the group of paranormal investigators, including a medium, entering an old house I cannot help but think of Legend of Hell House. Unfortunately, I don’t not it fully matches your description but I don’t remember it well enough to be sure so I thought it was worth mentioning.

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