Interconnecting/anthology relationship drama -lesbian couple

Ok, i saw this film a while ago i believe on one of those ‘academy viewing only’ vhs .. All i remember is its about the relationships of people whos stories either interconnect together or are anthologized -i do remember the stories weave in and out throughout the relationship is about a boy who is having trouble connoecting with a parent (the dad i think..) and they have a conversation at the end about this girl he has a crush on named Angelica (pronounced the spanish way Anhelica i remember distictly) …another is about a lesbian couple -one is dying of either cancer or maybe aids and is very grateful to her partner for sticking with her meanwhile the partner secretly hates her girlfriend and the sickness and is afraid..and meets someone else (male or female idk) and has to struggle with the decision to start a new life or remain loyale to her partner. I saw it in the early ‘000’s was color and as far as i remember American. I appreciate any feedback, thank you!

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    1. No, im sorry, i looked it’s not that movie or its sequel..the lesbian couple was just one story line

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