Instant kill with a scalpel

I remember watching a movie on TV a few years ago where a woman was out in public, then got a threatening phone call. This stranger calling her told her not to hang up or else something bad would happen, but I don’t remember what.

Later in the movie, she ends up in a room (maybe she was kidnapped?) and a henchman of sorts is about to attack her. She then uses her medical knowledge to slice open an artery on his upper arm (meaning she’s a nurse or a doctor or something similar), which makes him bleed out within seconds. I believe she used a scalpel. She is horrified by her own action, even as she is explaining this to him while he goes down.

I’m pretty sure it’s a movie from the 2000s or 2010s. I watched a German dub of it on TV, but it’s probably American. I’ve been able to find most other movies that I watched years ago and only remember snippets of, but somehow this one is impossible to find. Perhaps I’m misremembering the movie and the two scenes I described are from two different movies, but I’m at least 85% certain they’re from the same one.

Would appreciate any help.

4 thoughts on “Instant kill with a scalpel

  1. The movie you are looking for is
    “Cellular” (2004).

    Kim Basinger is the one who cuts one of the bad guys. She plays a biology teacher, she has intimate knowledge of the human body, so she knows where to cut. One of the bad guys comes into the room where she is held, there is a fight and Basinger uses a piece of broken glass (so, not a scalpel) to cut the guy at the right point.

    1. That’s the one! Thank you very much. I was remembering it totally wrong, because I was sure the one who got the help call was a woman, so I couldn’t find the movie.

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