Indie Film Set in the Pacific Northwest (Washington? Vancouver Island?)

So in this film, there was a guy who I think lost his job or something and decided to go on a “reflect on myself and purpose” trip to his family’s cabin in the Pacific Northwest. But when he gets there, expecting to be alone, there’s this lesbian that’s living there? I can’t remember who she is or why. But anyways they have a lot of deep conversations etc. etc. and then they have sex but the lesbian wants to have a baby so she pokes holes into the condoms that they use and basically uses the guy for his sperm lol. Then her girlfriend comes and the three of them are hanging out in the cabin but there’s a cliffhanger and we never actually find out if the lesbian got pregnant or not. It was a WEIRD movie with a small budget I believe, might have been a TV movie. I didn’t actually care for the movie but it’s bothering me that I can’t remember what it’s called.

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