Independent american movie about a coffee shop

I remember this movie that I watched a year ago or so. I stumbled upon it completely by chance, and I can’t for the life of me remember its name.

It’s in a coffee shop, at the end of the day, and there are two young barristas, a boy and a girl. We understand that they are together and the guy is trying to propose to the girl. We also understand that it’s the girl’s birthday and that she really wants to close up early so that she can enjot it. Unfortunately, a lot of customers come in and they have a hard time getting them out. The whole fim is about the lives of the customers, watched by the two barristas. There is a man and a woman having an affair and while they’re in the bathroom having sex, their respective spouses come in looking for them. There is a couple therapist who does his session by skype. There are three young girls spending the evening gossiping on there friend who is disgustingly perfect. There are two men and two women, apparently co-workers, who talk about death and the after-life. There is a suicidal girl, a friend of the barristas, who end-up enjoying a conversation with a guy who seems to be even less lucky than her.

This is a very nice movie but absolutely unknown, and I remember checking it on the internet afterwards and not finding it anywhere except for a short synopsis on imdb or something. I think it’s quite recent. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Thom Barry acts in it (one of the co-workers), or at least an actor who looks like him.


Would someone know which movie I’m talking about?

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