In finale, people play football with a human head

I saw this one on TV somewhere in late 80-early 90. And this is one of weirdest movies I’ve ever seen.

There are several storylines in the movie, I remember – very loosely – only one.

A man wants to get to the city council and makes several attempts to to walk there. But there is a railway on his path to the council, and each time when he goes there, a train knocks him down and cuts a limb. After the first attempt, he loses his hand, after the second, he loses another, then he loses his legs. So ultimately he crawls to the council like a worm, but again meets a train, which this time cuts his head. The head rolls down to a stadium, where people play football, and when the head is there, the players use the head as a ball. The last scene is the head lying in the goal and saying something like: “1-0”.

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