In cribt before being born

Scene: kids running around, happily playing. Seem to remember them all dressed in white. Singles out girl and boy, lead to understand in love with each other. Adult man comes for the boy to take him to be born to parents on Earth.

4 thoughts on “In cribt before being born

  1. Thnz, but isn’t Mr. Nobody. Saw movie as a boy around 1975ish, details may not be 100%. Starts with bunch of kids running around, happily playing, girls in white dresses, sun dresses, boys in white outfits. A boy picks up something & takes to a girl sitting alone on a rock maybe boy gives her item. They are in love we learn, when an adult man enters through a door maybe & calls the boy to him. Explains it is time for him to be born to parents on Earth. There is a discussion, boy doesn’t want to be separated from girl, man convinces him to go be born & find the girl again while a live on earth. If it’s true love & meant to be they’d find each other again, reunite.

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