Impalers Tower

It was sometime between 1962 and 1970 (We were at home in our living room watching black and white TV, no cable, of course, and I watched this scene unfold). Looking back, I’m quite surprised I saw this on TV at any hour of any day, let alone on a Saturday afternoon. My recall of the details is vague and imprecise and the sequencing of events may be off, but the gist of it is right.

A scantily clad slave girl, flashing leg and perhaps tummy and cleavage is hefted up by one or more strapping male handlers and tossed out an opening in the wall of a chamber near the top of a large cylindrical tower. The camera POV alternates between being inside the chamber where she is wrestled toward the opening and tossed out and one from which we view the tall cylindrical tower from a distance, and from where we can now see that it is ringed with massive upward turned horn shaped spikes of some kind.

We next see the body of the poor slave girl fall to her death, screaming helplessly as she falls and is impaled through the middle on the tip of one of these upturned horns. The horn/spike impales her, we see her go limp and … that’s where my recollection ends.

Any clues?

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  1. This also sounds like one of those Italian ‘sword and sandal’ movies, also called peplums, but I can’t find it. Also, TwistedWizard, did I get the other one you were looking for?

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