im looking for this sci fi type movie

Hi I am trying to remember the name of this movie I saw as a little kid. I don’t remember much about the movie only one scene.  I saw it in seventh grade on HBO and it was around the year of 1994. The movie was in color and it is old now probably made sometime in the late 90’s definitely before 2005. The scene I remember was at a concert or something like that. There were these two guys backstage or something and one was a scientist. They designed this suit this woman in  the movie was supposed to wear for her performance. It was like this mechanical suit and it the womans boobs were exposed. The two guys keep staring at her. I remember one of the guys, he is kind of nerdy maybe a scientist asks her to jump up and down to test the shocks or something with the suit. They both are just want to look at her tits though. Later she goes out and she has a sword  or something and a lot of people are in the crowd. I really cant get this out of my head ever since i remembered and want to watch this movie to see what it was really all about.



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