I’m looking for one movie about cult,witchcraft,power…


I’m looking for a movie name…!!!

The film is in black and white, the English language, the year is about 2010-2015 similar story (something like Innocence 2014).
The film speaks of elections in a city where secrets are sect that controls absolutely everything.
The girl reveals that she has a special powers and that her missing mother was a witch.
The girl jumped out of the building and turned to the Black bird and tried to find her kidnapped mother.
A sranger in Black gaved a box to some girl who exploding in bus and it is presented as a tourist attack.

At the and the girl was to powerfull and she succeeds in destroying a wicked circle and saves her mother, but in fact her mother is one of the witches who took her look!

The movie has 2 or 3 sequels!!!

Please help me <3

4 thoughts on “I’m looking for one movie about cult,witchcraft,power…

  1. No, I watched the thriller of this movie!
    There is a scene where a pregnant mother in a hospital makes When stranger make a circle of blood and pronounces words in stealing a twin child.
    I can not remember everything, but I know it’s not that movie.
    Here is talk about politics, a secret sect that controls absolutely everything and describes how they work!
    Anyway thanks “sandnc” for help! <3

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