I’m looking for a slasher/thriller/horror film, early 80’s

What I remember for sure:
A killer in a high rise apartment building kills a woman and places her head in a paper bag and gets into an elevator, another person gets onto the elevator and looks at the bag, there is a small tear in the paper bag through which you can see the dead woman’s eye.

What I’m unsure about:
possibly a scene at the start with a car driving on roads looking over a cliff, possibly an accident, possibly a male protagonist injured and stuck in the apartment block.
but I’m unsure about these details so take them with a grain of salt.

Some background, when I was young (9 or 10, possibly 11) my mother decided to take me to the movies one sunday evening, she picked a movie at random not knowing what was playing, needless to say we had to leave after the head in the paper bag scene. based on my age I’m guessing it was probably 1982 or 83 (she did the same thing with poltergeist which was released in 82 and had a similar affect on me, I’m thinking it was around the same time), but could have been a movie from 80 or 81 as back then here in australia we wouldn’t get some obscure movies for a year or 2. So possible released as early as 80 and as late as 84, but most likely 82 or 83. Possibly a giallo movie based on what (little) I remember, but obviously 10 yr old me had no idea what giallo was back then.

I’ve scoured the internet looking at numerous slasher and thriller films from the time (I feel like I now know every slasher between 80 and 85, lol), many of which I’ve watched, but haven’t found it yet, nor any mention of the head in the bag scene, which is surprising considering how memorable it is (or maybe thats just because I was 10 (ish) at the time and it scared the crap out of me).

thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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