Hi, okay so I saw this trailer for a movie that was going to be realized 2016-2018 but  I think it’s 2017. It was about sisters/twins (both female)They were really close until one dies in a car crash. The other becomes severely depressed, she starts seeing and hearing things, becomes anorexic, and obsessed with being perfect. Also she’s in high school.

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  1. Feed (2017)

    “Twins Olivia and Matt, are as close as they are different. Olivia strives for excellence, something that her father (James Remar) seems to expect of her on her more than her fraternity-destined brother. Yet, despite the fact that Matt seemingly has it “easy,” he’s also the one who looks out for Liv. And while their relationship isn’t perfect (perhaps Matt is a little too protective), it is one that Liv can count on. And then, after arguing with Liv about her decision to get drunk and hook up with their mutual friend Julian (Ben Winchell), Matt crashes the car they are in, and dies.

    Olivia, unable to carry the guilt she feels alone, begins to see Matt — or some hostile version of him — in moments she might need him most. Matt tells her what to do, what to say, what to think — and, specifically, when not to eat. (Liv visualizes that she’s saving the food for Matt, who can only live on if Liv makes this sacrifice.)”

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