If you know this crappy film…

I tuned into a 24 hour horror movie host website that usually show bad movies. I could not find anywhere on the site what the name of the film was that was currently playing. I would like to get the name as a few friends were asking for the worst horror film i had seen.

I came in somewhere in the middle. The clothing the actors wore looked to be somewhere from the late 80’s early 90’s.

Basic plot:Five people trying to escape from a eccentric old man with a cane’s house.

When i started watching. there was a boy who had escaped from the house and was being chased by some kind of zombie who eventually kills him in an open pit.

The other plot was the “old” man( I say this as his makeup was terrible. The actor was obviously much younger and the FX team sucked) was keeping the spirit of a young girl captive in his inner sanctum(Old library looking place) with theidea that he kept her spirit so he could eventually marry her.

Good luck and thank you for reading.



5 thoughts on “If you know this crappy film…

      1. i heard “if you know this crappy film…” and came running to the rescue. happy to help, Betelman! go and watch it again. it’s not *that* bad. 🙂

  1. If I remember correctly “The Spookies” was made from two unfinished movies edited together with some footage shot to integrate them, hence the divergent plots and uneven feel. It’s actually kind of fun, if forgettable camp.

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