Idiot Manchild with a Wham-O Air Blaster; early 70s

Pretty sure I am conflating two different movies here, but I’ll give it a shot:

This is an early 70s drive-in exploitation film that showed up later in the decade on a local TV Midnight Horror feature. There is a scientist or doctor who keeps two young women bound in his basement, periodically taking their blood to revive a lost loved one (it’s not Dr. Phibes). The part that sticks with me is a large half-witted “Lenny from Of Mice & Men”-type character in overalls who carries around a Wham-O Air Blaster while doing the doctor’s bidding.

Any help is appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Idiot Manchild with a Wham-O Air Blaster; early 70s

    1. Man, that’s a good guess but ultimately I think I really am conflating two different movies. I distinctly remember the women chained in the basement, and I def remember the Air Blaster, although this guy is carrying around a toy robot. I watched it on Dailymotion and it’s definitely in the ballpark. Let me do a bit more digging. Thanks vm.

  1. “Brain of Blood” (1971)?

    I think it’s this movie, and my last guess was closer than I thought. The man who plays the manchild in this movie played essentially the same character in The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant. The role was played by 7’4″ actor John Bloom and some of the reviews on described him as Lenny from Of Mice and Men, just like you did!Both movies came out in 1971. Oh, and while I haven’t seen it, the reviewers also noted that he played with an air gun and wore overalls.

  2. Also, you weren’t conflating 2 movies together because this one also had a subplot with 2 young women chained up in the basement/dungeon having their blood periodically drained out by the mad scientist’s midget henchman played by Angelo Rossito.

    1. I think you’ve got it, or are as close as I’m ever going to get – thanks vm

      Admins: Livinghead for the point

      1. Oh wow, thank you! I didn’t think I would get a response on a 5 year old post, let alone such a fast one! I actually found this movie when researching a recent post in which they described a man with an air gun and then I remembered YOUR old post because I could never forget Wham-O airgun, LOL!

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