I watched this in the mid 2000s but it may be older

There was a girl and a guy(Father, brother or Husband?) who lived in the middle of nowhere. Near the house there has a deep well or hole(can’t remember which). One day the girl begins to communicate which something in the hole. She sends down a a dictionary so the things can learn English. When they do they start to talk with notes. She sends down foods to them for them to try as well. Eventually the guy finds out about the things and heads down into the hole using a elevator rig thing with a gun. The girl waits for the guy to come up. When the guy comes up he is stripped of flesh and has a note that says “Taste like chicken”

I can’t remember if there was anything else that happened.

2 thoughts on “I watched this in the mid 2000s but it may be older

  1. That was the Amazing Stories episode, “Thanksgiving.” The punchline is a little different from what you remember.

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