I remember this movie that possibly started with…

…Someone on a bicycle, it was a young man, pulling up to some sort of waste treatment facility and pressing a button on some sort of soundboard to sign in. The facility had a gate in front of it and possibly some sort of pipe near the front. The way he had biked it seemed like the facility was on top of a hill.

I know that it was a facade to the real organization and not a true waste treatment facility. So it could possibly be some sort of espionage movie.

Full color movie, English, Seen in the last year, and seen on tv.

5 thoughts on “I remember this movie that possibly started with…

  1. I am not sure, but parts of this sound a bit like the early part of “Hellboy”.
    I think the young new recruit rides a moped to the team’s secret headquarters.
    Check the first 20 or so seconds of this trailer,

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