I remember this kung fu movie from the 70’s

I remember this kung fu movie from around the 70’s that took place in old world China. It had scene(s) whereby there is a kung fu fight in a ceramics shop (or similar place with a lot of ceramics) that featured a lot of acrobatics and throwing the pots around without breaking them, knocking down shelves with pots, juggling the pots while fighting, etc. Really amazing acrobatics I thought. I have tried to search for this movie before, but have never been able to find it. I saw it on TV in the 1970’s.

4 thoughts on “I remember this kung fu movie from the 70’s

    1. Thank you Neil! It is not that film, but there are similarities. So I will check out other films by Lau Kar-leung. Dirty Ho looks good too so I will watch. Thank you.

      1. i thought your sn was keyarc? anyway my ocd let me notice that 😛 and thank you for replying..i can at least change the status from “waiting for reply” to “if at first you dont succeed….” as some people on this forum want movies found, but then fall off the earth and no return reply, when you suggest something and are left hanging! anyway..so this shall remain on the “mission list” until me or i read someone else solves it. have a great day!

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