I remember this dance flick but can’t remember the name of it!!!

Alright. So I remember seeing this dance flick when I was like, 10 or 11-ish, I may have been younger. It was a dance flick. The style of the movie was very 80’s-ish. I saw it on a channel like MTV or VH1 or some comedy channel, I can’t really remember. I don’t really remember much about the movie except these few things:

1. It takes place at a high school.
2. The girl (who is a high schooler) is wearing a red sweater in the final scene.
3. The basic plot of the movie is that she falls in love with her dance teacher and gets caught but in the end doesn’t care and has a relationship with him anyways.
4. The movie may have been a satire, I’m not entirely sure.
5. So she and the guy have this scene where they have sex. They are rehearsing a dance move and the guy reaches down and touches her chest and suddenly they are like, full on making out and eating each other’s faces…some dude in the parking lot sees them and snaps photos, then sends them to the principle. The next day, the dude gets upset at the girl for claiming she told people, when in actuality, she told nobody.
6. At the end they have this really gross kiss on a stage outside (near the high school) where she and the dude are kissing but not really…their tongues are hanging out and they’re like rubbing them against each other…really weird to remember, I know, but the kiss was so gross that’s why!
7. During said scene in #6, the parents of the girl stop the kissing but don’t really care about her relationship with said older dance teacher.
8. The dance teacher was very fit.
9. She and the dance teacher were wearing very 80’s-ish dance clothing…a cropped wrap sweater that looked itchy as all get out, spandex, ect.
10. I think the main girl was blonde but I don’t know for certain.

Could anybody help? Thanks!

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