I remember only one or two scenes from this horror movie

I remember only two scenes from this movie and I know it’s not Boogeyman from 2005 because I watched that to make sure and it wasn’t the right movie. The one I watched had a scene where a lightbulb in the hall had gone out so a dad went to fix it. A kid watched him as he got on the ladder and started to change the lightbulb. Then there was a creature that either stabbed the dad in the back or in the front and the guy fell from the ladder before being disemboweled in front of the kid. The second scene was right after it I believe. The kid had grown up and had checked into a motel, setting a bag down on the bed before something grabbed his feet from under the bed, I think. It was in color and I watched it in 2007. It was in English I know that. I know it’s not a lot to go on but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. No I watched the entire Boogeyman movie and I didn’t see any scenes like the one I described. But thank you for offering that one up.

    1. The second Boogeyman is the one that had that scene that I remember. I think the second scene I remember was from a different horror movie but either way you were right on the second Boogeyman. Thank you so much!! It’s where Mr. Porter is killed and is seen by his daughter.

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