I Only Remember The Death…

This movie has been a mystery in the back of my mind for years and was the first movie I thought of when I first noticed this website, so here it goes:

I saw this movie inbetween the years 1995-2003.

I am unsure if it was a TV movie/Movie/ TV Show.

I remember it was some sort of mystery or drama revolving around a town resisting some sort of change in a European (probably British) or Canadian town.  I remember there is one old, angry woman who would constantly cause trouble by calling people from the telephone box closest to her house.  She hears some sort of gossip and takes her walker to get to the telephone box to tell someone what she hears.  Once she is inside, a car goes out of control and hits the telephone box, it goes flying into the air and when it lands theres breaking glass and the woman presumably dies.

I think there was an earlier scene were two elderly men walked in on another one of their friends who had died violently.  I seem to remember a man crying with blood on his hand over a dead body.

It wasn’t Doctor Who, before anyone asks, but it was a black telephone box with glass windows.  This is one of my earliest memories and it has been driving me insane for years.

One thought on “I Only Remember The Death…

  1. A lot of it sounds like the 1998 film “Waking Ned Devine”. Ned is a resident of a remote Irish vilaage. He dies of shock when he wins the national lottery, and the townspeople concoct a scheme to have someone pose as Ned so they can collect the prize and split it amongst themselves. Except for the town”witch” Lizzy, who threatens to turn them all in to collect the reward for exposing their fraud.

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