I never even saw more than one scene, I’m just so curious

So I’ve never actually seen the movie. The only part of it I’ve ever seen was for an approximately three minute scene in a McDonald’s restaurant. It was playing on the TV. My parents told the, to change it. The year was about 2003, when I was four years old. The only scene I saw was this: a woman sits up slowly in bed, hearing a shower running (my memory fails me for about the next minute) and the next thing I remember is that she’s in the shower trying to turn it off. But the shower won’t turn off, it keeps spraying harder. There’s even water coming from the faucet handles. Eventually the cap on the shower head breaks off and water streams down. Then the channel changes.

Anyway, the film was in color. Or it might not even be a film, it could just be a tv show, or a TV movie. There was no dialogue, so I don’t know if it was a foreign language film. Anyway, when four year old me saw it, it was really scary to watch. It seems silly to me now that I was scared by such a thing, but it might turn out to be a horror movie. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “I never even saw more than one scene, I’m just so curious

    1. That’s it! Looks a lot different than how I remember it. And the scene is way shorter than I thought. But that’s what happens, I guess. A four year old views something and remembers it differently at seventeen. Thanks man.

      1. Huh! Did not expect this one to be correct. Four-year-old you must have changed the channel just before the faucet handles sprouted fingerblades. (:

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