I need to find this movie, so badly

It’s about a little brother, whose older brother is dead. Shot? I believe. I saw this on netflix around 2010, but I don’t know for sure the movie was FROM then. Could obviously be older.


Things I remember:

He is into a girl who works somewhere

Mom is never home

Brother is dead

He keeps his brother’s basketball

At some point he is at a  basketball court, someones takes his brothers basketball, older kids from a gang I think, take it. He gets it back by getting a gun. He looks for them. Then he sees one of the kids, at the end of a bridge, and he like shoots him, he passes out. When he wakes up he thinks he killed him but he didnt really. He thinks he shot the gun but he didnt. I don’t remember if a kid was actually there.

The movie ends with him and the girl he likes, walking? She helps him deal with his brothers loss. He kind of is disinterested in her or doesn’t take it seriously.

I feel like he was 14-15 in the movie. Not 100%

He takes care of his little sister also. He gets mad at her during the movie because she’s like hanging out with some guy he doesnt approve of, or people he doesnt approve of.

He has like two friends, where he lives is kind of ghetto. He is indian, or spanish? Peruvian, I am horrible with ethnic backgrounds.

His mom works a lot. His dad is barely in the movie. Please help!


He wears a jersey. Some cheap jersey.

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