I need help with a few movies

(Sorry for bad english)
Hey, I have some movie scenes/plots i remember and would like to know of.

1. A movie about a world where kids have turned evil and killed their parents and I think a scene involves the protagonists who are adults needs to find something in a school or something like that. The kids find them and want to kill them.

2. Horror movie early 2000/ late 90s. A group of teenagers enters an asylum or an old hospital where there was a plague or something that killed everyone. A scene involves one of the main characters in a shower and orange goo ish stuff comes out of the showerhead. The bad guy rolls a trolley with bodies or something around. The ending is like they manage to leave the hospital but end up going back in because they’re infected or something.

3. A movie about catastrophes, showcasing selveral different ways the world could end, i remember one was a pandemic and was was a synthetic black hole. I saw ot around late 00s 09 maybe.

4. A zombie movie. The one and only scene i remember was that one guy sacrificed himself by getting eaten, graphic eating scene, so the other survivors could escape in a deescalating platform that went into the ground to a tunnel.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Here is part of the scene for #4, it doesn’t include the people escaping in the tunnel.
    Warning: it IS gory, but I think we’ve all seen worse.

  2. My post on here vanished also, but I had guessed . Who Can Kill a Child?(1976).
    It’s about a couple stranded on an island where evil children have taken over.

  3. 2nd vote for “Village of the Damned” for #1. Christopher Reeve is in a school, trying to mentally block the kids from seeing they’ve planted a bomb to take out all the kids.

  4. All right, cleaning this up as best I can:

    #1 – “The Plague,” solved by Setanta.
    #2 – “Death Tunnel,” solved by Livinghead
    #3 – “End Day,” found by the OP
    #4 – “Day of the Dead,” solved by Livinghead

    All Solved.

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