I need help remembering a movie

I am 22 and I want to say it was about 10+ years ago when I saw this movie. Maybe a little more. The movie was in English, had color, and was on the movie channels (for example: HBO). To the best of my memory all I can remember was that there was scene where this guy was on his motorcycle at night and somehow he crashed and was sliding along the road. I am pretty sure he died from his injuries. He had a girlfriend, or there was some female character who was close to the guy on the motorcycle (I think she had light red hair) that was completely distraught. My memory is a total blur, but she was on the beach at night and I’m not sure if she went into the water. At some point in the movie she was on a small boat crying. Oh god this is probably the worst description ever. Anyways, if you could decipher this lovely post I would greatly appreciate it.

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