I need help finding a wierd British movie

I need help finding a movie title. It’s a British movie about a British family. One day while the dad was at work and the daughter was at school, the mom, while standing in her living room, suddenly found that her feet were not touching the ground, making her unable to walk. Her legs would just swing instead.When her family came home, they tried to pull her down without success. They had the neighbors and everyone trying to figure out what to do. The next day they found that she was an inch or so higher, and continued to slowly rise constantly. Her family and friends had to do everything for her as far as feeding her and changing her clothes. After a month or so, they had to saw a hole in the ceiling as she rose to the second floor. Then eventually they sawed a hole in the second floor ceiling, and then through the roof!  As she continued to ascend above their house, they got help from the local fire department with their bucket ladder to help fill her coat with food and drinks. Until one day, after reaching a height of a few hundred feet, she decided to tell everyone, no more help. She has become comfortable with the idea of continuing to ascend high above England, through the atmosphere, to her demise.

   I can’t remember the details of what went on throughout the movie, but I found it to be interesting enough to want to purchase it, if I can find it. I thought it may have had a one word title like, Ascend or Upwards.

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