i can not remember the movie even after it was answered

the movie is i think from the 80s. All I remember of it is a guy asking for help from what i think is demons. the one scene in particular is him walking with a big fat demon guy who has a snake wrapped around his stomach, i think the snake is also his pet. the demon has hair like the predator. As the fat demon guy and the guy who asked for his help is walking down some stairs the wall looks like a honeycomb from a beehive. if any one knows the name PLEASE EMAIL IT TO ME AT [removed]

3 thoughts on “i can not remember the movie even after it was answered

  1. I guess you did not see it when I answered this for you on the “About” page. Here is your old post: http://irememberthismovie.com/not-knowing-the-name-is-driving-me-crazy/. The answer is Nightbreed.

    For all: putting your email address on a public site like this is a bad idea unless you enjoy spam. A trick is to enter a comment (any comment) on your own post, and then tick the “notify me if any new comments” button. That way you will get notification emails but your address will not be public.

    1. Yea I was trying to find where you answered it at and after I found it i tried to delete the question or go back and answer it myself to it’d be as solved. Sorry for reposting it and thank you

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