Husband looses wife, disappears, and hides his name

Hi! I’m looking for the name of a movie I saw a while back. I can remember most of the movie, but not the name.

The movie starts off with a happy jewish family who live in New York, then when the dad goes to work and drops of his family at the bus, his wife and children gets killed by a heroin addict (I think). The dad is devastated and cannot stand to be in the apartment where he is reminded of his family, so he sneaks away, leaving his friends and mother behind. He travels through US, and later a little boy finds him collapsed besides a church, decides to feed him and help him, he convinces the pastor (I think) to take him in and give him a bed. This is as much as I remember, but I hope someone recognise this movie and now the name of it! 🙂

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