Humanoid Aliens On A Ship, Adult Film?

All I remember is I was very young and spying an he adults watching movies on cable. One movie came on in which there two humans on a ship, male and female. They wake up not knowing what’s happening, but are cared for by these people on the ship. As the movie progresses, they realize theyre not people. The aliens are similar to humans except they scrape off patches of skin usually under their eyes/ Underneath is a sort of black and white striped skin, maybe scaly. Theres a lot of sex scenes and in one scene, a female alien ask the female human to dance for her and proceeds to give her a lapdance and I think the alien ends up kissing her then sticking a claw in her eye. Also t one point the male keeps waking up thinking something had been inserted or taken from his abdomen. I saw it on cable TV i think in 2000 or before. It was color and in english. The only dialogue that I really remember is during the dance seen, she says Dance for me? Any help is appreciated

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