Human food cellar?

This is a movie from the early to mid 80’s, in English. I remember it being a vignette format, like Creepshow or The Willies, but I was a little kid so who knows. The part I remember is a kind of Victorian-era vampire scene where at one point the action leads to a cellar/dungeon where one of the protagonists is on a slab table with a hunk of meat (or maybe one whole leg) missing as it was removed for food. In my head I see one of the vampires as Prince Humperdink, but I’m pretty sure that’s just due to Fright Night. Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Human food cellar?

  1. It’s for sure Waxwork! Nice call. I just watched the trailer. I used to have a copy of it on VHS that’s lost somewhere in the garage sale vortex. Thanks GG.

  2. you’re welcome! stick with the VHS on this one. all DVD releases are the ‘R’-rated Theatrical Cut, in which the goriest bits of the scene you remember are toned down considerably.

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