Hotel Romance

Its been quite a while now searching for this movie. I really like you to help with….I only remember few scenes of it and I dont know if I can be a lot of help to it but I know for sure some of you can tackle this.

I remember the movie is based like in a hotel room, it is set up in early  90’s if I can remember well and the main actress has dark medium lenght hair. Theres sort of a little bit of romance between this lady and another man in this movie. I dont know if either the woman or the man start living in this hotel room for some reason or vice versa. But I remember is that they were sort of made company to each other and stayed at this hotel. One particular scene I remember is that one night they didn’t sleep in the same bed because they got shy of each other…and another particular scene I remember is that another noght they went in a pub or bar to have a drink then they ended in the hotel room, and ofter they closed the door they remained behind the hotel room door and started undressing and kissing and made certain erotic reactions together and ended up in bed….I dont know exactly how the film continues but I really like you to help me with it….Please do I really wish to see it again…Tnx friends 🙂

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