Host at fancy dinner party stabs goat’s eyeball with a fork and eats it

There is a dinner party in a mansion.  The guests are already eating.  The host finally comes down a grand staircase.  Instead of sitting down and eating with the guests, he walks over to his plate (which has the full head of a goat or sheep), picks up his fork, stabs the goat’s eye, pries it out, and eats it.  Then he leaves.  Eww!  I know, right?!


-Movie (or TV scene) from the late 80’s/early 90’s.

-It was shown on regular television (NOT cable because we did not have cable) and it was shown at night (approx. 10PM).

This scene has haunted me for decades.  I really want to see it again for some horrific reason, but cannot look it up.  For years, I have tried searching so many different ways.  I thought it might be from the TV series Dark Shadows, but nothing came from that search and I remember the dinner party to be more modern than the Dark Shadows time frame.

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