Okay so I remember this movie so vividly that its almost dream like. And I cant peice it together or idk. But i saw it maybe around 2010. I dont remember the begining but maybe a few scenes towards the end.  I remeber there being a guy and he didn’t really talk from what I can remember. But there’s this girl and her family at their house. Basiclly what i can put together is this kid is a psycho. Hes inlove with this girl, and i wanna say they’re like seniors in highschool. Well he starts killing people idk why butbhe does. Because he wants to protect her I guess. And she’s telling him to stop and that shell go with him. And thats all i can remember apart from a scene where he’s behindblike glass and bleeding. And hes staring at gerband she’s like crying. And he gets like his blood and starts writing or drawing something. Idk but thats all i can remember. The guy has like longish black hair if that helps. And i think I remember some fire somewhere idk. I hope we find it. Lmao help. I hope it works.:(

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