Horror Series episode or Movie from late 70s or 80s

The movie or series episode is probably from the 80s or late 70s… it’s a couple who is about to move out from their apartment. On the last night before moving out (while most of their belongings but the bedroom stuff has already been moved out) they hear noises outside their bedroom during the night, and every time they go out, they see the same old couple and the husband is always killing/trying to kill his wife… this goes on the entire night until the next morning. When they meet the new couple moving in and it’s the same older couple they saw in their nightmares

6 thoughts on “Horror Series episode or Movie from late 70s or 80s

  1. It was a British anthology series that was originally called Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. It only ran for 1 season and the episodes were feature length at about 70 minutes.

  2. My god! that’s the one! It’s been forever that, every now and then, I try to find it. And, as I watched when I was a kid in Brazil, it made really harder to look for a series name, as they would get episodes here and there from different series to play, and there are no record of everything. Also, earlier, I was really sure that it would be from the same series as another episode I was trying to remember, which recently I found to be “The cemetery” from the “The Night Gallery” series. Was so bummed when it turned out not to be the case. Cannot thank you enough!

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