Horror Religious Movie

Hi! I’m in search of a movie, from which I remember only one scene (I think is the intro). It goes like this:

  • Religious chorus (maybe Gregorian) music in the background, in crescendo
  • Camera view ascending the stairs inside a bell tower, bell ringing getting louder as we are getting closer to the top.
  • This goes for a while until we reach the top, music on it’s climax, and instead of a bell-clapper inside the bell is a woman (maybe a nun?) hitting the inside of the tower bell.

I think this movie is from the 70’s or 80’s, but could be from early 90’s

Thanks in advance, and excuse my english!

3 thoughts on “Horror Religious Movie

  1. Can’t find the scene, but there is a scene like this at the beginning of the film. Below is a summary of the scene from Wikipedia:

    The story opens in 1905 in an East European village. A young altar boy (Norman Bacon) makes his way up to the bell-tower. He is about to ring the bell when blood drips on his cheek from above. He climbs into the bell chamber, where he discovers the corpse of a young woman crammed inside the church bell, another victim of Dracula

  2. I have found the scene you mentioned and it’s similar, but it si not from the movie I’m looking for. In my movie there was no one climbing the stairs (POV camera) and at the top the woman was hanged by the neck inside the bell. Thanks anyway! I’m searching for this movie for too long, any answer makes me hopeful!!!

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