Horror or thriller movie about a woman author

I remember that the main character was a woman. She is an author and travels alone to a house (I think that she needs a space to think about her novel). She starts seeing a man in the dark, next to the front door and the umbrella holder (maybe). I remember very clearly that the man was creepy, and his face was deformed or burned maybe. She thinks that she’s just seeing things or dreaming, so nothing really happens. The movie is really creepy so maybe it was a thriller, I don’t really remember the genre. She sees him very often, and starts talking to him and shouting to him to get away. At the end of the movie she wants to travel home, and the man is there at the front door as always. The woman walks next to him, and when she gets home she got news that the police arrested a man for killing woman. That is the point when it gets clear, that the man was real. They met again at the trial.

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    1. Hi! It is not πŸ™ She is the only character (other than the creepy man of course) until the end of the movie

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