Horror movie with temporal loop/reincarnation


A few years back ~10, I’ve watched an horror movie with some kind of temporal loop/reincarnation and I cant remember its name could you please help me remember it ?

Here is what I remember from the plot:

– The main character is a male.
– The main character always end up dying at the end of each loop, except the final one.
– The main character is the only one knowing that he is in a loop.
– In each loop the main character starts with a slightly different setup (ie: junkie, homeless, cook, some son of a rich family)
– The main character is killed by some monsters that got some Alien look.
– From what I can remember the final plot is that the main character is himself one of the monsters that kept killing him but he cant remember it and its kind have set up some sort of trial from him to remember his true self.

Here is all that I managed to remember If some of you got any clue on what the movie is that would be super nice.

Thanks in advance !

4 thoughts on “Horror movie with temporal loop/reincarnation

    1. thats definitly the deaths of ian stone thank you a lot, I can finally get some rest knowing that I can remember this movie

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