Horror movie with lawnmower and christmas light deaths

I don’t remember much about this movie. I do remember there was a death from Christmas lights and someone getting run over by a push mower, but no one was pushing it other than a ghost or it was possessed maybe. These were two separate deaths I believe.

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to reply Jessica. That’s definitely not it though. I remember a tractor in Gremlins but not a lawnmower. And if there was a (push, not riding) lawnmower in there the Gremlins were pushing it. In this movie, the lawnmower was moving by itself, or it was a ghost or it was possessed.

    1. That doesn’t seem right either, but thanks Roxanne. I don’t think that one had the Christmas Light death and that movie seems to old. I want to say the movie I’m thinking of came from the 2000’s.

      1. you can search up black Christmas 2006 there was a kill like that where lacey chaberts character dana gets suck in a snow blower Getting dragged by Christmas lights but it was never in the film it was only made for trailers and tv spots.

    1. I see why you think that could be it. It’s pretty close to what I remember, but the lawnmower in the movie in thinking of was moving by itself, or perhaps being pushed by a ghost. Kinda like in Maximum Overdrive but that’s not it either. Thanks for trying though!

      1. The clip cut out all the buildup, but you see Chucky’s hand turn it on, but then the tiller is moving by itself before catching the christmas lights.

        It’s currently free on Amazon Prime. The scene starts at about the 37 minute mark.

        1. I get what you’re saying but that’s definitely not the movie I’m thinking about. I’m pretty familiar with Chucky. This was more of a haunted ghost or possession type of thing. I know Chucky was basically possessed, but it’s not what I meant. And the deaths were separate deaths in separate scenes with different people.

    1. That could be possible. I don’t believe it is but I’m not willing to bet money on it 😂. Thanks for trying all the same!

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