Horror movie /(Trash Horror movie maybe)

Hello there,

Im searching for a movie now for a while , but I cant find it anywhere. Hope my description helps someone here to identify.

All I remember is this: Two Girls( maybe lesbian) in a Bikini walk through the forest (at night). One Girl was blonde. Suddenly a flying creature or Monster, Experiment or a Mutation attacks the two Girls and grabs the blonde Girl and leaves other woman. The woman cries and runs through the forest and find a house , that actually is a secret lab or bunker . Theres a weird man with a gun (shotgun or rifle) She tells this  guy all what happened and he goes with her searching for her girlfriend. They walk through the forest and find a nest/hive that the flying creature had build. Inside this nest is her girlfriend , still alive and covered with sticky goo , slime and webs so she cant move . Her clothes did somehow disappear . They try to rescue her but it is impossible . The guy say something like : She is now a living part of the nest . The blonde begs her girlfriend to kill her with the gun. The man give the weapon to the woman. She cries and says im sorry and shoots her in the head. Later the woman end in this secret lab or bunker bondaged and there is a weird scientist that wants to do something with here. He tells here something about this flying creature …..

Thats all I can remember. The movie could be between 1980-2014 im not sure:-(

Please someone help me

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