Horror movie name

I really wanna try asking again cuz it just keeps bothering me and I can’t get this off my head for many years. Looking for the name of a movie that I watched in 2015.
I honestly don’t know what year the movie came out in. Definitely not something too old tho.
So it’s about a group of teenage girls (girls only) in a juvenile camp in the woods or some remote area. I remember they had a time out period every day, had to hide themselves in a pod to make reflection.
And one day they’re in the main cabin and some mutated or zombie like creatures started to attack them but the creatures were blind or something. They’re not fast creatures. They looked like those in the movie The Descent.
That’s all I can remember. I keep wanting to watch it again as I remember it’s good.
Def not Sleepaway Camp. It’s also not a slasher movie. It’s about some mutant humanoid creatures. Thank you.

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