Horror movie from the 90s(probably)

I watched this movies in 2005, i don’t recognize any actors from this movie,it’s in English, i’m sure it’s a movie and not a TV show, the movie was in color.

I remember that this movie is about a mentaly ill guy that wears some sort of mask and kills women, there’s a scene where he’s chasing a women and she tries to enter her house but the doors are locked and her son is inside watching TV and can’t hear her.

3 thoughts on “Horror movie from the 90s(probably)

  1. This sounds like just about every slasher film ever made. Do you remember any other details, like what kind of mask he was wearing?

    1. Now that I think about it I don’t remember if it was a mask or if his face was weird
      But I remember that the killer wasn’t a big guy and he wasn’t able to talk he just mumbled or something

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