Horror movie from around 90’s about a house

I cand recall a name of a horror movie from around year ’89 to ’96. I remember one scene very vivid about a guy locked in a haunted house trying to escape opening a mirror on a wall in a bathroom which turned to be a window behind which was total darkness. He then tried to climb down the window on a rope/blankets (not sure) and if I’m correct he was attacked by flying creatures. Another scene had a dead, cut-off hand running around the house much like the hand from The Adams Family but more scary (but this might be a memory from a different movie…)

4 thoughts on “Horror movie from around 90’s about a house

    1. Absolutely agree on House for the mirror scene, but it’s so long since I’ve seen it I’m not sure if that’s also the movie with the disembodied hand – that bit sounds more like Evil Dead 2 to me.

      (Just in case it’s not in House – a movie I will have to dig out and give a rewatch soon, thanks for the reminder Livinghead).

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