(Horror movie) Ends in a parking lot (shadow monsters?)

I remember some years ago I was watching the TV. Back then all I really watched was Film 4, but I’m not 100% sure that’s where I seen it. Since then, the memory of this scene has plagued my mind and I have still not found the movie!

Anyway, all I remember is this:

The female lead ends up in a parking lot of some sort. The movie could have been set in a hospital of some sort. Abandoned, but not ruined.

She enters the middle of the parking lot and begins running towards the exit (or a car?). Behind her the shadows mass together and begin chasing her, turning off the lights as they go.

I think it was night-time. In the movie I mean. 

The movie was in English. Was definitely not a series episode because the production value was high and it was filmed like a movie. It was in colour and seemed like a fairly modern film at the time. I think it was made in the 2000’s, considering I only watched TV after getting back from high school. I’m in college now so I hope the memory hasn’t faded. 

And that’s all I got :/ 

I’d love to see this film just out of curiosity! I appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you for taking the time. 



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