Horror movie confusion

Okay, I originally watched this movie about 3 years ago, online, and perhaps even on Netflix. However, I can not think of the movie title for anything!!

3 to 4 men go on a vacation into the forest in a house/cabin. One of the men discover that in the middle of the woods there is an invisible force field that you can pass through, however once passing through, when you return you are different. Your nose starts to bleed and you become violent and homicidal. In the movie I recall one man being nailed or perhaps nailing himself to a wall, but I can’t really remember. I believe they all end up dying at the end. But only after they have visited this weird force field type area in the middle of the snow covered forest. Thinking back it could have been a Brittish film but I can’t recall. It was a supper good horror/thriller and I would love some help in remembering the name! Helpppp!

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