Horror movie about a cursed VHS in black and white

Hi, i remember on the 90’s seeing a movie about a cursed VHS (the movie was in color but the VHS was in black and white) that contains a woman who kills someone with electric scissors. The tape mezmerize people and then those persons start to kill (or something like that). In the end all the movies all burned exept for one that one guy have in posession and rise his hand (with the obvious cliffhanger from horror movies).



5 thoughts on “Horror movie about a cursed VHS in black and white

    1. Hey grover, its earlier than Ringu. 80ish. They rented the movie and it was a marriage that the woman got fed up and use the electric scissors to kill him (actually the kill is in POV from the man). In the end, a videclub or studio is burned down buy a single copy of the movie survives.

      Thank you for trying though.

        1. It took so much time that ive already found it and see it, though it makes me happy like people like you exist and helps other ones on the internet. Thank you very much!

  1. Andres, if you register I’ll give you credit for that Solve, even though bizarro also found it on his own. Meanwhile marking this “solved.”

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