Horror Movie

About 2 months ago I saw a horror movie about a woman being stalked by a deer like demon. I saw a lot of movies that night, mostly foreign horror movies from scandinavian countries and some european countries.
I don’t remember if it was in english or not since I saw it with subtitles.
The main character is a blonde short hair woman that moves or lives in a small rural town.
I don’t remember if she kills her husband/boyfriend but she does kill someone.
I do remember the ending since that’s what made me want to watch it (a friend recommended it).
The woman wakes up naked and goes to the door, walks out to the forest near her house and there the demon slowly materializes, revealing that it has a deer skull for a head. That’s all I can remember.
The movie was made in some where in the line of 2009-2013.
I just remembered about it and want to see it again, but my hdd crashed and I no longer have the list of movies I made to watch.
Thanks in advance.

2 thoughts on “Horror Movie

  1. Remembered the name.
    It was Lovely Molly from 2011, mine was in italian for some strange reason, seeing it’s an US film.
    Oh and it was a horse headed daemon, it was Oroba or Amdusias, movie never tells.

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