Horror Movie

I remember seeing this movie when I was very young, (2010 or less) and this movie came on the channel Chiller. The only main points I can remember is this group of people went into the woods (reasons I forgot) and this one girl carried around two baby dolls with her and refused to leave them behind. At one point, she gets lost and she’s alone. After a debate with herself, she decides to leave one baby on a tree stump as a marker I guess you could say so that if she passes it, she knows she’s been there. After kissing it goodbye, she walks off and eventually comes back to the baby doll. Frustrated, she goes another way and comes back to the baby doll again. I don’t know how many times she does this but she keeps coming back to it and she screamss in frustration I guess and drops to her knees. That’s all I remember. The woods I guess are messing with their minds if you know what I mean. The movie has to be a 2000s or up movie. 2010 at the latest. It was color and came on cable tv on the channel Chiller.

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