Horror Film, late 90s or early 00s?

There’s this movie that played on  AMC a while back and the movie was about a woman who kept seeing a strange man follow her on a subway/train and I think she’s the only one who saw him. His house had yellow , dirty walls, dirty house and there was a jar on bloody tongues on a small desk with a pair of pliers next to it. The man had white hair I think. The woman went to go tell a man or something what’s been happening and his room was blue with lights.

That’s all I remember, please help me find this movie name!!! It’s bugging me


7 thoughts on “Horror Film, late 90s or early 00s?

    1. Nono. The setting didn’t always take place on the train. I think the movie I’m looking for is older than that

    2. If this helps, I think later on in the movie, there were two guys in the parking lot in front of a church surrounded by cars. The one man was believed to be a demon or Satan himself. The demon peed out gasoline and started a fire in hopes of killing the other man

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