(Horror?) film from my childhood with eyeballs falling out in glass

I saw a movie (or it may have been a tv episode honestly I was a child and this is a vague memory) when I was about 6 or 7 so 1999 or 2000. All I remember is a scene where someones eyeballs fall out or are bleeding and they hold drinking glasses to their eyes to catch the eyeballs/blood and someone drives them away in their car. I also recall there being stone statues on a wall that could see/look around. This may be a parody of a horror movie or an actual one, I am not sure. I also remember a few of the characers being African American, if that helps.


Thank You! This has literally been bugging me for years

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  1. Ok the eye bleeding and the glass and someone driving them away in a car is definitely a scene from The Haunting (1999) except that it doesn’t have any African American characters. Scary Movie 2 (2001) parodies this movie heavily and has several African Americans characters, perhaps you confused the two. Here’s a youtube link to the trailer for the Haunting (1999)


    Hope this helped.

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