Horror/Crime Movie From Early 2000s

I saw the just the beginning of this movie when I was little when it came on TV and it scared me a lot at the time. I remember it started with a lady in her 20s-30s talking on the phone to someone (maybe boyfriend?), she was standing outside on the sidewalk in the middle of a big city at night, and was trying to hail a taxi. A taxi pulled over and she got in, and after he pulled away he locked the doors, and some kind of spikes came out of the manual door locks on the inside of the car so she couldn’t unlock the door to climb out. Then I believe that scene ended and my mom noticed what I was watching and turned it off.

I must have seen it on TV in around 2006-2007, it was in English, it was in color but pretty dark, and I’m pretty sure whether it was a TV show or a movie it would fall into the horror/true crime category. I’ve been trying to figure out what it was for a long time, any help would be appreciated!

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