horror Apocalypse

Ywo movies^

1. Horror Movie:

I watched it long before school, so I remember little. Foreign Film. A girl with short black hair. There were some young people there, they were driving to some house in the countryside. Then this girl was strangled by either the wall or the curtain. Then I remember the frame she is blind or does not see and she is in the bathroom and there is blood. She seems to have confused something with the egg. Then she ran somewhere across the field and came to another building, but everything seemed to be not going very well there either. Maybe he messed up something. Nothing much more to say.

2. A film about the apocalypse, a girl and a guy walk through a deserted city and seem to go into the bathroom. Light time of day. They are wearing protective suits. Everything, including the air, is filled with thick brown dust. They find an oxygen tank. They have some kind of dialogue about what is happening. All.

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